Jerry Twombly is the Founder and Senior Partner of the BGW Development Group.  He has more than 40 years of experiencing in working with non-profits throughout the world.

Jerry is a graduate of Miami (FL) Christian University and Grace Theological Seminary.  He founded Development Marketing Associates, Development Testing Services, The BGW Development Group, The College for Relational Development (CRD), and The Professional Development Training and Certification Program.  
In addition to working with over 3,500 different ministries in all 50 states of the United States, 5 provinces of Canada, and many countries around the world. Jerry has provided professional counsel to many multi-national ministries including Campus Crusade for Christ, Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity International, the Salvation Army, Focus on the Family, Overseas International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Inter-Varsity). DMA and BGW Development Group are credited as having raised over $2 billion to assist Christian ministry throughout the world in achieving ministry goals.

Recognized throughout the world as “the architect of relational development,” Jerry has written several books including the definitive book on relational development, Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Non Profits.  His other books include: You Snooze, You Lose: Adapting to the New Economy, An Organizational Planning Primer, and The Ten Step Marketer and the Model to Achieve Your Dreams.  In addition to his published work, Jerry has written six e-books on developmental topics and numerous articles for magazines.
Concerned about the unique challenges facing 21st Century Nonprofits, Jerry is a leader in helping organizations worldwide understand the unique factors that will drive philanthropy in the future and supporting initiatives to build organizations that will thrive in a world of new opportunity.

In 2009, Jerry started the College for Relational Development where development leaders from around the world pursue professional designations and meet online to discuss important development topics in a global community of practising professional. His popular blog ( includes tips, articles, and resources designed to support more productive advancement activities among today’s nonprofits.   Jerry speaks on behalf of the work of development at national conferences throughout the world including The Christian Leadership Alliance, the Christian Professional Network, the Salvation Army, The Association of Biblical Higher Education, European Leadership Forum, the Eastern European Leadership Forum, the Israeli Educational Forum, and scores of other national and international organizations.

Mr. Twombly lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife Susan.  The have two sons and three grandsons.